The Impact of Reshaping Agriculture with Technology

Agriculture is continuously changing through innovation in science and technology. However, the agriculture industry continues to be called upon to produce more with finite resources. A major way to improve traceability, sustainability, and quality of goods from a farm is through the adoption of technology, including an integrated farm management platform. Farmers can now, with the help of advancements in agriculture, maximize land and water resources while delivering the most nutritious food to the world’s ever-growing population.

The concept of an integrated farm management solution (FMS), based on information technology, is an effective way to manage natural resources while realizing modern sustainable agricultural development.

Technology advancements on the farm, like an integrated FMS, extend a farmers’ overall capacity, automate routine tasks normally done by people, and give farmers more time to do things computers can’t. It’s not a means to replace the personalized care farmers put into creating resources essential to human life, nor will the FMS determine the root cause of a problem in the field. A good FMS will include one-on-one expert support in farm management, crop marketing and agronomy.

In this article, we’re going to unpack the impact an integrated farm management solution has on farm, why an integrated FMS is so important, and what educational initiatives are working to help future farmers catch up with changes in agriculture.