Distance Learning

Here at Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber, we truly believe in constant learning, development and improvement. Staying on top of your education and going that extra mile can mean a world of difference when it comes to enhancing your career opportunities.

We are committed to laying down a foundation for your growth by partnering with accredited learning institutions that provide basic and advanced education in all the fields of the trade business industry. These services can be provided one on one or on a corporate level.

Additionally, these services are tailored for your needs and will not interfere with your business responsibilities. Through distance learning, you get to hone your skills and take classes from top professionals without having to physically travel to their location and waste precious time. At the undergraduate level, distance learning means students engaging with learning materials at home or work. The materials are usually accessed online and learning support is provided via a virtual classroom and online office hours. Occasional trips to the location or a week-long summer school visit might be required.