Benefits of Membership

The ACTC is an ethnically diverse community that’s continuing to grow and envolved, fueled in part by that same diversity that we’re proud of and welcome. Becoming a part of it adds to us, but it also makes your business stronger, more resilient, and more innovative. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a member.

Ample Networking Opportunities with Industry Experts

Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber receives more than 80-100 overseas business proposals annually from around the region and the world. Members have access to these opportunities and encouraged and assisted in their efforts to forge new business contacts and deals.

Latest Business News and Reports

Each member receives a complimentary copy of the Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber bi-monthly publication newsletter which provides the latest news on trade and economic development, happenings in the business community worldwide, reports on members’ events and success stories.

Weekly Event Updates

We keep you posted on everything we (and other members) do! Weekly e-calendars of activities are sent to all members, enabling them to obtain first-hand information on forthcoming events.

Discounts On Business Event Tickets

Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber hosts or helps organise talks, seminars, workshops, conferences and other events on a regular basis. Priority invitations and discounted rates are offered exclusively to our members.

Social / Recreational / Educational Events

Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber is committed to relationship-building activities among its members. That’s why we organise regular get-togethers (mostly during the festive season) and encourage members to visit and enjoy mingling with their peers in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Complimentary Business and Productivity Advisory Services at Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber

Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber's main office provides complimentary business consultancy and advisory services focusing on business opportunities, productivity management, and training programmes.We also collect and categorise data and research from the trade business and make that available to our members, in an effort to provide tools needed for in-depth market research.

Business Management and Concierge Programmes

Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber assists members to plan and implement appropriate manpower training and development programmes to meet their corporate goals and objectives. It also holds language and other training programmes to prepare businessmen and professionals to step out into the international playing field.

Business Groups

Our business groups are a great way to connect with suppliers and other stakeholders. Agricultural and Commodity Trade Chamber helps with matchmaking (to the greatest possible extent) with the business of your choice. You can also become a member of established groups, and take advantage of the connections, innovative ideas, talent, and resources already collected within them.